The Queensland Titles are coming to town !

In the form of the "Pirelli Masters of Morgan Park" The Sporstmen Motorcycle club is once again hosting the event on the Queens Birthday Long Weekend in June 2011. Yes, it's going to be held on the new long track at Morgan Park. I've already raced there and I can tell you, the new section has changed this track dramatically. It's no longer a tight, twisty little circuit totally favouring those little guys on the 125 GP bikes. At long last, those of us who have long stroke old style REAL motorcycles have a fighting chance. The new track is reminiscent of Eastern Creek with it's fast sweeper at the end of a downhill run. It's reminiscent of Lakeside with it's up and over the hill twisty bits. It SUITS Historic bikes like ours to a TEE !

We at QEMSC just want to give everyone a heads up. We want you to think about getting ready for these races NOW !

Do whatever planning you need to, bribe your wives/girfriends with whatever is required. You will not want to be the ONE to miss this event. And a word to the wise. I myself will be using this event as a "practice" for The Australian Titles. The Aussie Titles were held there in 2009 and were a great success. With he new track now on line it's a certainty they will turn up there again. Everyone knows track knowledge is a big factor in winning the top events.

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