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After Broadford last year I decided that the sidecar wheel really had to be moved rearwards. So this year that's been done. A 5 inch setback proved to be just what was needed. We took the bike to Stanthorpe in July and I was amazed at how much better the left handers are now. Also made a new cover for the sidecar wheel as the old one looked a bit "chatty".

The motor is a "small" one, stock bore and stroke 883cc's. Sitting in my workshop are the major components to build a "big" motor, 1355cc's, Sporton Details. I now also have the beginnings of an "intermediate motor - a 1056cc with a 4 1/2 inch stroke. But even the "small" motor pulls like a train. Compared to the Triumphs I've been riding it's a sewing machine. The close ratio gearbox has now been pulled out and replaced with stock ratios. This mod also proved it's worth at Stanthorpe. We are now preparing for Broadford again followed by The Aussie Champs in November.

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The Queensland Titles were held in Warwick, Queensland in 2010. Legend Racing kindly loaned me a Triumph based outfit "The Yellow Duck" and we managed a podium finish ! Legend Racing If there's a better way to spend your time I've yet to discover it. The Australian Titles this year are to be held at Phillip Island. We intend to be there on the Sporton.

The Aussie Tittles are on Sept 7-8th

This is the "Small Motor" I'm putting in the new outfit until I'm happy that the chassis etc works OK. I'll be building a "Big Motor" (1300cc's) shortly This one puts out around 65 BHP and should be good for what we need. I'll be hoping for 90+ HP out of the big motor.

Ducati Singles have been another of my indulgances over the years. First motorcycle I ever owned as a 250 Narrowcase Ducati. I've built a couple race bikes ans restored a couple road bikes.

Bikes For Sale

I no longer have ANY bikes for sale. Sold everything I'm going to at the present time. I'm down to just the bare bones and I'm concentrating on my race bikes.

Sidecars built to order ?

Possibly. Once the Sporton is finished I may consider building replicas. No garuntees on this as the whole process of hand built racing motorcycles is very time-consuming and demanding to say the least. But it strikes me as a shame that I expend so much time and energy to build the first one which could very well serve as a template for more. A number of people have asked me if I would be willing to sell the Sporton and the answer there is no, but if once it is done someone wanted me to build a replica I would be willing at least to consider this.

Ducati 350 Racer

Period 3 Ducati 350 racer. A really nice example of Ducati's famous singles. This is a narrowcase bike and has been extensively modified to make it competative. The bike was only completed about 6 months ago and still requires some minor sorting. But all of the basics are just so right. The bike is extremly easy to ride and would make a fantastic first bike for anyone wanting to get into Classic racing. Again, contact me for full details But not Yet !,